Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LOVE this new pic!

I edited this shot I took of my dear friend Amanda's daughter and just had so much fun doing it! Threw every special effect I could think of at it and it all came out great! What do you think, look okay? Does the shadow under the hand/baby look realistic? I havent tried a pic like this before so it was definitely an adventure lol

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chicken Taco Soup

With the cool fall weather comes sweaters, pumpkins, and soups to warm the heart. I made this dump recipe up the other night and it was SUPER good so i thought i'd share.

Chicken Taco Soup

4 boneless skinless chicken breast, cut to about 1 inch chunks

1 small yellow onion, diced

1 7oz can Diced Green Chiles

1 small can black olives

1 can corn

1 can black beans (drain and rinse)

1 10oz can Enchilada Sauce (the red kind, i used old el paso)

1 can diced tomatoes

2 cans low sodium chicken broth

salt and pepper, about 2tsp cumin

Sautee chicken and onion in pan over med/hi heat with a little olive oil until chicken is cooked through and onions are beginning to be see thru. Now get ready for the hard part- open all the remaining ingredients and dump them in, juice and all. The only thing i recommend draining is the beans, but thats just a personal preference thing. I'm sure it'd be fine if you just dumped it in too. Now simmer away on the stove until you cant stand to smell it anymore! I think we cooked ours for about an hour, bubbling away on low. Dont forget to stir and enjoy!

I served this with some tiny pasta. Heres a great tip though, cook your pasta seperate and do not add to the soup before serving because it will not keep well for leftovers with the pasta in it. It also soaks up most the yummy good juice, and thats not very "soup" like now it it?! (which is what happened to me, thats why i know to tell you! lol)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photography Sessions Available Now!

Photography is one of my greatest passions.
The ability to capture a moment in time is amazing to me and so I usually have camera in hand whenever possible. The price of studio quality portraits is impossible these days. The average working family cannot afford the high sitting fees and ridiculously priced sheets, as I know ours cannot. Tack on additional fees for more family joining in or wardrobe changes, and don't even think of taking the family pet. And then after all that you still do not own the rights to your own photographs, your memories. I am offering a fabulous solution to that problem!

On Location Shoot- $50
Outdoors, your choice of location within the Fort Worth area (I have suggestions available if needed) 1-2 hours with unlimited photographs taken. Outfit changes, props, pets, anything goes! 4 single photos of your choice custom edited. Unlimited reprint rights. Weather permitting, of course.

(photo to come soon, blog not cooperating!)

Studio Shoot- $60

Indoors, at your home or my studio space. 1-2 hours with unlimited photographs taken. Outfit changes, props, pets, anything goes! 4 single photos of your choice custom edited. Unlimited reprint rights.

Composite Art Option- $5-10/ portrait
When added to one of the above packages, custom editing composite photographs are available at $5-10 per portrait. Holiday cards, composites, birth announcements- the skys the limit! Price quote given upon request.

(Photos coming soon, blog not cooperating!)
Barefoot Baby-to-be Package- $70
Shots available at both on location and in studio. Expectant mommy, daddy and siblings all welcome. Please bring any special items waiting for baby- shoes, first outfit, etc. and we'll try to work them in. Package produces 10 quality shots and also includes 1 composite and 4 custom edited photographs.

Barefoot Baby Package- $120

Includes a total of 5 mini-shoots to capture your growing little angel at Birth, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year. Will be shot in my studio space, working on baby's time not ours. (need a nap, bottle, break, no problem) Feel free to bring anything special to baby- blankies, bears, etc. Outfit changes can be frustrating to baby so "birthday suits" encouraged. Each mini-shoot will produce 8 quality shots with 1 composite and 3 custom edited photos included. Unlimited reprint rights included. Payment plan available if needed: $60 with newborn shoot and $15 at every future shoot to equal $120 total.
. ____________________________________ .
You may have your photos printed at the location of your choice. I have professional printing available and will post prices for that as soon as possible. Photos may be transferred to your media immediately if at studio, while edited shots will be available within 2 weeks from shoot date. Session fees are due within 8 days of booking to hold your spot. I look forward to capturing your family's memories and providing you with quality portraiture you can be proud of.

Welcome to my blog!

When you count my husband, my 3 young boys, even the dog, I am surrounded by boys. Limited with them to things like hunting, dirt, and sporting events, I am longing for a creative outlet! Here I plan to showcase some of my adventures in motherhood, photography, scrapbooking, sewing and anything else that strikes my fancy. I hope you enjoy my musings and visit often!